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06-Apr-2020 22:34

The idea is to change the outcome of the dream the way you would like it to end. When you feel you have said everything you need to say, say goodbye.

I recommend being creative and writing out a scenario where the impact of seeing her with another guy is dwarfed by, I dunno, Gigi Hadid walking up and asking for your number. That means, at some point in your dream, you need to confront the ex and write out everything you would like to say to her. If you are mad at her, write out why and feel free to use curse words. Let her know it's officially over, you are 100 percent done, seeing her with someone else is totally fine because life goes on, etc. Once it is all out of you and on paper — or on your PC, tablet or phone — get rid of it.

Now that you have gone through with the separation, it is likely safe to assume that you have tried to save your relationship and if you didn’t, it is because you firmly believed there wasn’t anything worth saving.

How does a new person in your ex’s life change that? You’re a different individual and the relationship you had with your ex was made out of two people who couldn’t get along.

Like, I seriously wish I had some sort of recurring nightmare I was trying to get rid of just so I could do this.

I hope this was a helpful tip to Alex or anyone else suffering from any sort of recurring dream that they don't want to have anymore. As always, if you have your own submission for our sex dream column, feel free to submit to [email protected]

You are not at fault here and the other person isn’t any better than you, just because they have a new relationship.

Being with someone else is your ex’s choice and just because your marriage/cohabitation didn’t work, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

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Sometimes it's sexual, sometimes it's just out on dates. OK, I'm mostly done.' So it's no wonder that now, when you are truly done, your subconscious is still attached... What really got my attention is when you say, 'I think I'm just projecting my fear of seeing her with other guys.' I believe that statement is 100 percent true.

Basically, what you are doing is reprogramming your subconscious and getting it out of the loop it's stuck in.

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