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16-Jun-2020 13:59

Its hard to be in China for long without noticing the prevalence of not terribly attractive Western men who seem to have inexplicably landed themselves a gorgeous Chinese girlfriend.

Though I hesitate to offer any explanation for this phenomenon, I do find myself recalling an awful lot of conversations with Chinese gal-pals about their inability to tell westerners apart.

Used in the late nineteenth century to refer to Chinese people using items from overseas (pens, clothes, etc.) and now refers to Chinese women who date and/or sleep with foreigners. A romantic relationship between a teacher and a student.

Such relationships are extremely common in China, where it can be difficult for diligent students to meet romantic prospects. Miscellaneous types Literally depend on a rich man or live off a rich man.

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T'eng can also mean pain, which you shouldnt read into too deeply, but knowing it should give extra depth to this way of saying love. Going Dutch when you eat out is often called AA zh`i in Chinese.

However, going Dutch is a relatively recent concept for Chinese people.

More recently, some people (men dining out with women in particular) are choosing to split the bill but pay a bit more, say 70 percent, and this is called AB zh`i. Literally green plums and a bamboo horse, which are both references to childhood, as green plums are not yet ripe, and the bamboo horse refers to a childhood game of pretending to ride horses using a bamboo stick. A holiday probably invented by a bunch of Chinese college students in Nanjing during the 1990s, and held on November 11 because of all the ones in the date (11/11), which represent single people. An expression meaning that when you love someone, you also love everything belonging to or associated with them.

The key thing to note in this definition is that acting coquettishly-that is, acting in a way that attracts male attention-is synonymous with acting like a brat. Can be said of someone whos actually pretty, like the girl next door, but is also said in response to anything impressive or amazing.

This word is often used in sports-when a soccer player scores a goal, a westerner might say Nice! Its meaning differs from the English meaning extremely nice and thoughtful in that it also connotes cutesy.

And on top of all that, you never know what seemingly smoking hot girl is considered downright homely by Chinese beauty standards.