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07-Jun-2020 22:07

It’s true that girls love NAS, every time he is just having fun with a new girlfriend.

He is handsome guy so he gets the credit he deserves.

In a picture shared over Instagram, Nicki Minaj was shown chilling with Nas and the two got very cozy.

Nicki has her eyes closed while Nas nuzzles up to her hair, with one eye looking straight into the camera.

For one, in the caption, Nicki is congratulating Nas while complimenting the food.

As it turned out, the pair were actually kicking it with Statik Selektah, sharing a meal together, while celebrating Nas’ recent Emmy win for his work on the Netflix series So who really knows what’s going on between Nas and Nicki.

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This is his last relation; hopefully he will commence this relation in next year 2016.

And no Ye concert nowadays would be complete without a random rant about—you guessed it—a bunch of nothing. I’m starting to think somebody slipped him a mickey. Beyoncé Tops Bing’s Most Searched Celebrity List I don’t know a soul who uses Bing, but apparently somewhere in the boondocks of America, somebody’s Binging away.

In her newest feat, Baddie Beyoncé trumped all on the the biggest rock star on the planet [Maury voice]!

Yes, little loony tunes stopped mid-performance and demanded they stopped the music turned off the lights as he stormed off stage like a big brat.

Of course, the 36-year-old rapper bounced back on the set rapping like nothing ever happened.From the looks of things, Nasty Nas has got himself a new boo.