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The doctor either inserts a needle into your abdomen (after local anesthetic) or a thin tube or catheter through the vagina and cervix to get to the placenta. CVS has also been associated with other defects (though only if it’s performed before week 10). Not all hospitals and clinics allow sonographers to share this info, so don’t be too shocked if they aren’t willing to divulge.) This ultrasound involves a complete “anomaly scan” (and we mean complete—everything from the nose to the heart’s chambers will be scrutinized) to make sure your baby is developing normally in all areas and that everything is a-OK.Through the needle or tube, the doctor extracts a sample of chorionic villi, or fingerlike growths in placental tissue, which harbour genetic information (even the sex of the baby). Tests in second trimester What to expect Your second-trimester ultrasound; the glucose challenge When Around 20 weeks; around 26 weeks Your 20-week(ish) ultrasound Yup, this is the ultrasound you’ve been waiting for—if you want to find out whether you’ve been schlepping around a wee boy or a wee girl. The technician will also scan the umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid to see how the pregnancy is progressing.This blood test looks for: • Down syndrome: A blood test is performed in combination with the first ultrasound to determine the likelihood your baby will have Down’s Syndrome.

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Like the amniocentesis, the test takes about half an hour and may be uncomfortable.• The VDRL: Pregnant women require a syphilis test because the disease can cause neurological damage to the baby or even stillbirth.

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