Orthodox jewish gay dating

22-Dec-2019 19:32

Reform, not being as much of a political or ideological movement as Liberal Judaism but nonetheless an open one, came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2012.

At the end of 2014, Masorti Judaism (the British sister movement of American Conservative Judaism) announced it would allow its synagogues to hold The Liberal, Reform, and Masorti approaches to same-sex relationships, then, represent degrees of progressive thought, some more oriented toward tradition than others and all accepting of nontraditional relationships and families.

It’s a very precise way of doing things, and it can be successful, but it can also appear to be quite cold, impersonal, and detached. “As rabbis, particularly communal rabbis, people come to us and say: ‘I really would love to meet someone Jewish. ’ The idea is that rabbis and clergy will meet with people, and the website will be a conduit” to make that happen, Janner-Klausner explained.

“If we got to matchmake two people, that’d be brilliant.” But if the method is a little pre-modern, the service itself is rather radical.

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To be a gay Jew is to be a minority twice over in more than one sense.This is just one of the reasons why the British Reform movement has decided to launch a new service in which rabbis and cantors will act as matchmakers for same-sex, as well as opposite-sex, couples.