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20-Dec-2019 17:11

A very special library, it is open to all visitors, and houses a unique collection of information on the history and characteristics of toy trains in the United States and elsewhere. As such, we safeguard a cultural and commercial heritage of toy trains, and the industry that produced them.Over the years toy trains were used by companies in special promotional offers to sell their products.Did you know that Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and Johnny Cash were all train collectors and operators?The Library recently added 300 children's books to its collection, some dating back to the 1940s.I took pictures of a circular layout to show how big a tree it would fit around with Christmas coming up.

This train set is perfect for a starter set, your kids or as a set for around the tree base this Christmas.

We collect books about everything that can be found on a layout.

They can easily be converted into Lead circuits as well. For that reason, these amps are less expensive and are a really great deal (if in good condition, of course). Did I mention that Free used a lot of Marshall Super PAs on stage? On a side note, a faulty Marshall Super Lead #1959T was modified by Tim Caswell (he used the extra 12ax7 as another gain stage on the pre-amp), and it became the legendary #39 of SIR studios in California, USA.… continue reading »

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