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Think about it: Have you ever been to ANY other city and said to your friends, in all sincerity, "We should go check out this magician -- I heard his show is awesome"?And yet the greatest parts of Vegas are actually right outside the city. Las Vegas straight-up DGAF, and there's always something outrageously weird, bizarrely themed, and 100% unique to do. city -- that distinguished honor belongs to Miami -- but it is the most sex-fueled city. Could be because of all the pools and clubs filled with scantily clad barely legals who give away what strippers get paid to do, or it could be the abundance of said strippers, or all of the sexy topless shows (and let's not forget the nearly naked male revues!Yes, you are going to spend unconscionable amounts of money.Yes, you are going to get conned at every place you walk into.Save your funds for the strip clubs -- reasonably priced buffets, late-night eats, and bottomless brunches are this way. Behold, the most Vegas-AF bars of all the Vegas bars. here -- Vegas has a way of taking whatever it is you believed about yourself, and the world, and the nature of reality, and twisting it into a warped surrealist mutation of itself. For example, the airport is literally across the street from MGM, but a cab ride there will still cost you almost . (This will not stop Lit You from taking a semi-coherent two-hour Strip stroll in search of your hotel that's 15 minutes away.) It is also not a bikeable city, unless you enjoy the adrenaline rush of constantly being near death. You will inevitably eff up here -- just don't get dismembered. For years Vegas was the only gaming game in town -- and by "town" we mean "the majority of the country" -- until various states and tribal nations decided they also like money and legalized gambling.Over the past decade-ish, Vegas has undergone a serious shift to find other revenue, for as an impossibly resilient desert weed, it is nothing if not adaptable.Airbnb listings are plentiful, but take note: Very few are going to be on/anywhere near the Strip or in/anywhere near Downtown, so be prepared to familiarize yourself with Vegas' dumb planned community culture of identical cardboard-constructed homes and patent lack of identifiable neighborhoods or walkable communities or interesting architecture or really anything to entice a sane person to want to live here, le sigh.Go central for maximum walkability in this thoroughly unwalkable town.

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So you stomped off on your own adventure that ended with some random chick calling us from your phone at 6am to ask if we could please come get you because you were passed out and her boyfriend would be home soon?

And all those hot chicks were going topless so we got a cabana and kept the party rolling, and those chicks stayed with us all day and we dropped like three grand on bottle service? And it can be as over-the-top meteorically batshit or as gonzo-worshipping gutter punk as you want it to be. To help max out your visit, Thrillist has put together our fifth Desti NATION travel guide (past hits include Miami, New Orleans, Austin, and San Diego).

What you have here is a rollicking self-defense manual that'll walk you through the city's hottest restaurants and bars, into the finest cheap eats and most over-the-top, only-in-Vegas bars, and to the top hotels in town.

Because with Vegas, most visitors aren't going to stray too far from their home-base hotels for their meals. You can also eat like a street rat, rolling up into 24-hour Thai spots in Chinatown to buffer some of the damage you just did at the bar.

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No matter your taste or budget, Vegas has everything, and it's some of the best in the country, with new "it" spots opening weekly (because this city is the anthropomorphic embodiment of ADHD). *Winks creepily* Much like strip clubs, dining options in Vegas are seemingly infinite.

(Note: Your mom has also been here, and ain't telling you shit, neither.) as Vegas is not like other cities. The amenities you might expect from other cities -- walkable neighborhoods with street-front restaurants and retail, a vague sense of local identity -- do not apply here.

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