Husband on online dating site

27-Mar-2020 06:26

First, he must accept both those uncomfortable truths.

Then, in 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world was rocked in a different way - 12 months of surgery, chemo, radiotherapy and hair loss. I discovered more online dating and confronted him.You endured breast cancer, had surgery and all the painful treatment, and now have the added punishment of knowing that he finds your scars 'difficult to come to terms with'.oh lord, forget packing the bags - put the lot on a bonfire.Yet again he says he's sorry/depressed/addicted/escaping. I'm very hurt, but feel stronger now, both physically and mentally - not afraid to say what I think and no longer desperate to appease him or indulge his excuses.

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He's terrified I will tell our children what he's doing (shame, I guess) and in his defence, he is trying - for example, he booked us a fantastic holiday, suggested joint counselling, admitted it's an addiction, and is going to cut his hours so he can be home nearly all week. I know he's found my surgery scarring difficult to come to terms with, but surely there's more to life than great boobs?or use the same tool to cut the plug off his computer.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Target) The breakup must have happened recently, too, considering that the couple has been spotted out and about together throughout the spring in New York City and Los Angeles, including a March date night in L. During their first sighting as a couple in the Hamptons, Di Caprio, 42, and Agdal, 25, were spotted on a super low-key outing to Goldberg's Famous Bagels, dining at swanky restaurant Crow's Nest and checking out the Montauk Point Lighthouse.… continue reading »

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