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Of these, the 1999-S and 2001-S Proof quarters, both clad and silver, have historically been the priciest.50 State Quarters proof sets were issued in various forms, including five-piece copper-nickel clad sets containing only the quarters; five-piece silver proof sets (beginning in 2004); and multi-denomination proof sets with denominations above five cents that included that year’s state quarters, issued either in the standard copper-nickel clad composition or the 90 percent silver collector’s format.Official coin unveilings were gala public events, with representatives from the Mint and other government agencies convening in each state amid joyous ceremonies festooned with colors, symbols and culturally significant icons. There were plenty of 50 State quarters for everybody.Schoolchildren were present at these events and were often given free quarters bearing the reverse of their home state. Looking at the mintage figures, one can see why none of the regular-issue business-strike state quarters will probably ever be worth much over face value in circulated or low-end uncirculated grades.The 1999-S and 2001-S five-piece clad proof sets were going for and respectively by the time 2003 rolled around.

The set, which the Mint sold for .95 and which peaked on the secondary market at nearly 0 during the mid-2000s (according to the (CDN) or “Greysheet”), is offered on e Bay for around .Interestingly, the 2008-S five-piece clad proof set is the most expensive of the state quarter clad sets these days.It was issued for .95 and now sells on e Bay for around .The 1999-S nine-piece and 2001-S 10-piece clad proof sets were issued for .95 each and increased to and , respectively, in the secondary market by 2003. The 2008-S 14-piece clad proof set has done the best at holding its value, at least to this point.

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That set, which was issued for .95, currently trades for around on e Bay.

Whether or not prices have bottomed out on any of the state quarter proof sets remains to be seen.

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