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Never underestimate the power of these words, and always use them with passion. This simple statement proves to him that he is the light in your life and that he makes you smile without doing a single thing.3. If you still have that nervousness you got when he was just the guy you had a crush on, it must be love. The perfect thing to say- especially if your partner may be moving far away soon. This is just one of those sentences you need to say to your man!

It’s the simplest way to ignite the love and romance in your relationship.2. I don’t want to say I couldn’t live without you, I just wouldn’t want to. Remember when you first saw his handsome face and your heart started beating rapidly? Let him know he still drives you wild just by seeing his face! This tells him you’re committed and long distance won’t damage your relationship.19. Obviously if you don’t care if something happens to your man, you were probably never in love to begin with.

Some of y’all would refer to them as “fireflies.” Others would have no reference at all because, apparently, some parts of the country don’t get to see these amazing bugs.

Every southern girl has memories of catching these light-up creatures in glass mason jars, and waking up to see them dead the next morning.

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If you are from the South, you know there's nothing better than a Georgia Peach, an Alabama Belle or a Carolina Lady.

Sorry, we didn’t know any better, but they are still the ultimate sign of summer in the South.

Speaking of mason jars, most of us know these as the jars our grandmas put their fruit preserves in. The majority of southern women have participated in beauty pageants growing up -- some by choice and some by force.

They’ll leave him feeling loved and adored, we guarantee it. But sometimes we get lazy in the relationship and forget how important this little statement really is. Your love for him is priceless, and he will love knowing this. Just a long, romantic way to say he’s always on your mind- and trust us, that’s exactly where he wants to be.17. While some relationships are worried over minor things that could potentially break them apart (such as moving, going to different Universities, etc.), you can let your guy know that nothing will break the two of you apart with this simple sentence.18.

These three little words hold so much meaning behind them and are so important in a romantic relationship. (Plus it kind of lets him know you aren’t using him for money, jewelry or anything along those lines. I would travel thousands of miles just to be with you. Even if loving your man is wrong in the eyes of other people, in your heart you know its right. They love to be the big strong guy that can protect you from anything, so telling him how safe and protected you feel with him is an automatic ego boost- no doubt about it.15. Ok, you might have had one or two crushes that you thought was love.