Cuban dating relationships

23-Apr-2020 16:20

by Elsueno (Canada) Is there a way to make things easier?

Never thought that I could find something like this in Cuba.

Obviously I was looking to have fun and well besides that honestly he was drop dead gorgeous, in that moment I thought he was the most attractive guy I'd ever seen in person... We could barely understand each other but we spent the whole week together and our time was beyond amazing.

Every time I saw him my heart would literally beat out of my chest. We were able to communicate some how even though we didn't speak each others language. When I tried to give him things I brought such as soap and toothbrushes & penchils he said he didn't want it.

It is really messed up because now he is married so why is he messaging me?

but it also makes me think his feelings were so real. Imagine I married him and then he started messaging another girl he met on the resort... The thought of him still makes my heart skip multitudes of beats but we will never be so I guess we weren't meant to be.

We're also fortunately enough to be able to communicate by phone and email more regularly than most couples could. Here are some of my concerns and I hope your experiences can help me understand what I'm getting myself into.1. Hence, for a normal relationship to develop in a year, it might take us several years. And even with smooth sailing and in the best case scenario, it might takes 5-7 years until we can comfortably have kids. The worst scenario is that after 5-7 years, we struggle and struggle and realize that no matter how hard we try, too many things couldn't fit together and love alone is not enough.9.

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Casual dating is not automatically and necessarily “romantic” in nature but there is a possibility of it blossoming into a fully commited romantic relationship since it involves getting to know each other personally outside of the bedroom, as opposed to say a no-strings-attached relationship where the basis of the existence of the relationship is 99% sexual.… continue reading »

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