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But at the same time, I love that I can collaborate with anyone from Blake Shelton to the Raconteurs to Train. After I play a good show, it's definitely a great payoff. Going to see the city when I can is always nice too. There's the part about worrying too much about the future. So I'm just trying to keep my overall goal to be to wake up. Most importantly for producers Fred Jasper and Mason Williams, the compilation serves as an argument establishing African-American church music as an often under-appreciated tributary into not just the soul but also the heart of rock 'n' roll.

I'm proud that I have made music with people who also love music. But once I was a couple songs in, and realized it was just singing to a big group of people who were actually listening, I calmed down a bit. It's definitely hard sometimes, but I remind myself "this is my dream." "This is what I was wanting to do" when I would be home sitting on my couch. What's your favorite leisure activity while you're on tour, besides the online "window shopping"? Your next tour leg is with Little Big Town; this summer you're opening for them. premiered, Jean Renoir and his collaborator Jacques Prevert were riding the wave of enthusiasm surrounding the advent of the Popular Front, which had just that year swept Léon Blum into power as the first socialist Prime Minister of France (not to mention the first Jew to hold that office—a mere 30 years after the conclusion of the Dreyfus Affair) surrounded by a government composed of a coalition of leftists.

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Vince Gill had the Alison Krauss and Dan Tymenski hook-up on "Mayflowers", and I'm so thankful. That film had been a success at the box office, but had gained even more fans on home video since then, leading to higher expectations for the sequel.

I co-wrote "Mayflowers" back in 2008 with Brendan Benson, who is the lead singer of The Raconteurs, and an amazing artist on his own. Is it a chore to make time to do the business-y side of songwriting and recording? Also, the massive success of has been one of fall's tightest albums, and "Need Your Love" is undoubtedly its centerpiece: an old-school jam that showcases Harding's powerful voice and some catchy grooves.

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