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In the hectic instant that followed, headlights slicing impossible colors from the night, animal caterwauling foretelling the end of the world, it crossed her mind that black ice was a thing of the past.

What would replace it in the way of hazard and adventure, she had yet to find out.

Anna poked a finger through the wire door of the carrier buckled into the passenger side of the bench seat. Promotions were not easily had in the National Park Service.

Taco, the black lab she'd inherited after she'd killed her dear friend and Taco's mistress, insisted on squashing his seventy-five pounds between her and the cat. First, one had to scour the pink sheets for a job opening one GS level above that currently held.

Caffeine didn't count, and six hours north of Dallas-Fort Worth it had quit having any appreciable effect. The appeal of living out her dotage on a GS-9 field ranger's salary had begun to wane.

A marathon drive seemed the lesser of two evils if one was to be a night in a motel room with Piedmont. Time had come to plan for the day she'd no longer want to sleep on the ground, swing a pulaski or argue with violent unsavory types.

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The leash slipped from fingers numbed from too long clutching the wheel, and the black lab loped off toward the taillights of the U-Haul.Something warm and wet and vile penetrated her ear, and she remembered she was a dog owner. The tongue insinuated itself into her armpit and Anna gave up.