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You can specify multiple plug-in names by separating them with commas.

If you specify multiple plug-ins, you can also control how the plug-ins influence each other during an Updating Run by specifying the -Run Plugins Serially, -Stop On Plugin Failure, and –Separate Reboots parameters.

For the hotfix plug-in to work, hotfixes must be stored in a well-defined structure in an SMB file share (hotfix root folder), and you must configure the hotfix plug-in with the path to the hotfix root folder by using the CAU UI or the CAU Power Shell cmdlets.

This path is passed to the plug-in as the Hotfix Root Folder Path argument.

To manually register a plug-in with CAU, run the Register-Cau Plugin cmdlet on each computer where the plug-in is installed.

In the CAU UI, you select a plug-in from a drop-down list of available plug-ins when you use CAU to perform the following actions: Tip In the CAU UI, you can only specify a single plug-in for CAU to use to preview or to apply updates during an Updating Run.

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Windows Update Plugin, that consists of a Windows Update Agent (WUA) query string.If you want to switch from a Wi-Fi configuration to a Bluetooth configuration, you’ll need to dissociate your Nokia Thermo and install it again from scratch.