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07-Jun-2020 13:03

A guy tells himself that showing love means taking his girlfriend on a trip, getting her a special gift, or taking her to a nice dinner.Again, men believe that actions show their love better than words. If every one that ended included an exit interview.Just imagine how productive it could be for everyone to clarify their thoughts and feelings about where things went wrong, and what to do differently in the next relationship.When most women have a bad day, they often want to come home and talk about it in detail with their boyfriend.The need to be noticed is one of the most important needs any man or woman has in a relationship.

At root, men and women have the same basic needs: to be noticed, to be loved, and to have a purpose in the relationship.

The need to have a purpose in the relationship In a perfect world, both partners in a relationship would share each important role in a relationship equally.