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06-Jan-2020 22:04

Born said he developed the budget provision to ensure offenders are returned to where they come from.

Local officials are “just going to have to find the best option they can” to find housing for violent sex offenders under the state’s Chapter 980 law, he said.

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MADISON - Sexual predators would have to live in their home counties when they are released but could be placed near schools, parks and day care centers, under a plan adopted Tuesday by the Legislature’s budget committee.

The legislator behind the plan said he wanted to crack down on judges placing violent sex offenders far from their home counties, in part by putting the responsibility for finding housing for them in the hands of local officials.“There is a logjam in the system now where they’re having trouble placing people in the final phase of treatment,” said Rep. “We really need to remember this is treatment and the folks who are in it have constitutional rights.”The Joint Finance Committee approved the plan 13-3, with Rep.

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