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17-Jan-2020 02:43

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"Men communicate with actions more than words, so to figure out where you stand, look at what he's doing or not doing to pursue you. Also know that you don't have to settle for anything less, because there are plenty of people out there who would LOVE to date you.

With a person who is relationship ready, there won't be so many games." If he isn't giving you the attention/respect you deserve, taper off your interest until he steps up. You're not for everyone and everyone isn't for you. But, you do have put yourself back out there instead of questioning why your previous vanishing act happened.

Maybe you made a comment about the future that freaked him out or did something to make him angry or feel hurt.

Then, if he doesn't make the effort, you'll end up less hurt in the end, because you weren't always available and investing more than you should have been.

He wooed and pursued you, and now he's drifting away.

Source: Shutter Stock Sometimes life gets the best of us, and we have to put one priority over another. If a guy really likes you, he will work through any other obstacle to be with you.

It's totally possible that this guy got super busy with school, work, his other friends, etc. He won't be scared of commitment because he'll like you so much he'll want to commit to you. He won't be freaked out by things enough to run away.

A few years ago, I started hanging out with this guy I met through a mutual friend.