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These thick layers alternate with thin, clay-rich layers deposited during the winter.

The resulting layers, called varves, give scientists clues about past climate conditions.

From these assumptions, he calculated that the Earth was 100 million years old.

This estimate was a blow to geologists and supporters of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which required an older Earth to provide time for evolution to take place.

Another example of yearly layers is the deposition of sediments in lakes, especially the lakes that are located at the end of glaciers.

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During the 18th and 19th centuries, geologists tried to estimate the age of Earth with indirect techniques.But determining the absolute age of a substance (its age in years) is a much greater challenge.

Until such time that another method becomes available – and one that produces smaller margins of error – it will remain the method of choice for archeology, paleontology, and other branches of scientific research. … continue reading »

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