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She had grown weary of the infidelity that sometimes accompanied the corn liquor bootlegging business that he did in addition to his work as a tailor, so she was moving to Baltimore. Reggie was not among the chosen, and he carried this slight with him for the rest of his life.

The one saving grace to Jackson's childhood was that he rarely had to deal with segregation.

"I feel like my swings have been much better from the left side," Headley said.

"Even some of the foul balls I've hit, I've gotten the head out and hit them hard down the first-base line. I feel like I've been getting my A-swing off more often." Headley averaged 43 extra-base hits during his first eight seasons in the majors, so he's been able to keep some perspective when talking about his historically bad start.

To put that in perspective, Austin Romine has three extra-base hits, Ronald Torreyes has two and Bartolo Colon has one this season.

October." Some future major leaguers had the luxury of growing up with a tight-knit family, but that was sadly not afforded to Reginald Martinez Jackson.Born just outside Philadelphia on May 18, 1946, Jackson was one of seven children in the household of Martinez and Clara Jackson.When he was just four years old, Martinez had to tell his son that his mother was leaving."He'll watch you take 10 swings, and if you miss one, he's going to want to stop and talk about it. He doesn't just chalk it up to, 'I just missed it.' I assume he played with that same intensity.

Every time he missed a ball in BP, it probably pissed him off." Through his first 28 games, Headley is hitting .178/.265/.178 with four RBI, failing to collect an extra-base hit in his 102 plate appearances."Any time it comes from somebody who has done the things that he's done, it means something," Headley said. It's been good." Daily News Yankees Podcast: Chase Headley The homestand has actually been quite positive for Headley, who was 5-for-17 (.294) with three runs scored and two RBI in the first five games, driving in a run on both Tuesday and Wednesday after going a career-long 23 games without an RBI.