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11-Jan-2020 03:55

Ku Hye Sun is a special mutiple gifted, superb K star that I first follow, not only naturally and beautiful look, but her personal life theme made people all over the world keep focus eye to her with adorable. We all must become the main characters or the stars of our lives. But from whatever is our circumstances, it is very important that we find the opportunities to try out what we want to do." — Ku Hye Sun (구혜선) She is indeed and inspiration! One of my biggest dream is to meet you in person... You're a real professional actress, singer, writer & director.

God let her come to this earth for people to see the brave and great angel in reallistic. And I believe that it will happen maybe not in the near future but soon!!! I think your just trying to make KHS look bad cause your so JEALOUS of her. As your age you will be a multimillionaire someday. Uhm...don't really want to be disrespectful towards Ku Hye Sun's fans but I first saw her in BBF and at that time I was relatively new to dramas; BBF is the first Korean drama I tried to watch and I recoiled from just the first episode. She's been wearing more conservative dresses fitting for daughter-in-law to see her mother in law to be. I am not fond of watching koreanovelas until I saw u..

♡♡♡ Goo Hye sun is a gifted person and a philanthopist . just a suggestion before talking about not wanting to be DISRESPECTFUL, how about learning first to be RESPECTFUL of the likes and choices of others. Can you explain to me why you guys liked that drama cuz even if the storyline was good, her acting totally put me off watching that drama.

She donates her time and money to her cause which is children. I hope she finds a man truly worthy of her because she is faithful to her friends and will be faithful to the man worthy of her . it would have saved you asking impertinent question like - why we like KHS and her works.

I'm a mom of two boys and if I had a daughter- she would be like her . More blessings to come and we all hope that someday u will find ur soulmate..whoever he is, he is so LUCKY... I am not really fond of watching korean telenovelas but when i saw ku hye sun in angel eyes, i fell in love with her right away, more so when i get to know more about her.

Goo Hye Sun- if you are reading the comments - we love you ! "There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. just curious of your educational background, do you any degree you finish? I have not read any source of your educational attainment.

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For the short film "The Madonna" (Yukwaehan Dowoomi), centered around the topic of assisted suicide, Kuv Hye-Sun took the roles of director, screen writer, editor, and music composer. And I'm waiting with impatiently for your next drama. So don't give up in acting and show them the opposit !! I hope in your next drama,you wear girl clothes for a change. In Angel Eyes its drama,here you are awesome,you carry the role very well. Young Lady Koo Hye Sun is exceptional, charming and a complete artist. Her great performing in the drama Blood is increasing the fans that are anxious to enjoy it every week. Love from South America Goo Hye Sun remind me Bette Davis the greatest and unforgettable actress of all times for moviegoers like me. she gaved best fully Supporter to Ghu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho). Just going on her path and share her love and care to people with faithfully. Not very many actors can become the character and lose themselves in doing just that! @confusion; it seems like you've already made up your mind that you don't like BBF simply because of KHS. In this movie she may yell a lot cause realistically that's how high schools are. Looking forward for more success, give thanks to God for these blessings. @confusion, have you heard of the idiom "different strokes for different folks"? Many of you say it's a cute drama; okay sure, it might be cute but all that yelling and acting like a spoilt kid; the performance that Ku Hye-Sun put forward; it still makes me taste bile.

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