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November 1968 in Worcester, Massachusetts) ist ein US-amerikanischer Sänger.

Eighties singing sensation Tiffany is apologizing to former flame Jonathan Knight after seemingly outing him during a recent TV appearance. " Realizing that she revealed too much, Tiffany apologized.

While promoting her upcoming Sy Fy movie "Mega Python vs. "But no, now looking back when we were dating, he was so much fun — we used to do facials together, he was so easy to talk to.” Though Tiffany seemed casual about her whole "Watch What Happens Live" conversation, she changed her tune the next day when Knight, who has never publicly acknowledged his sexuality, tweeted about the incident. "Really didn't know that was the wrong thing to say," she tweeted. "I know you weren't being mean and I found it to be funny!

Knight, dessen Eltern sich während seiner Jugendzeit scheiden ließen, besuchte zunächst die Roxbury School in Boston und wechselte im weiteren Verlauf zur Thayer Academy, einer privaten High School.

Bereits als Kind sang er im Schul- und Kirchenchor und wurde in klassischem Ballett unterrichtet.

“It wasn’t acceptable then because if you were a teen heartthrob, they wanted to see you be very available so I think we really had a harder time back then.“Partnering with brands seems to be very important nowadays, and those opportunities seem to be awesome when they come your way.I think before, in the '80s, it was more about fashion and music videos and a lot of radio.JP Knight is an independent, family owned and family run estate agent specialising in town and country homes in this area.

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Der Sohn kanadischer Eltern, Pfarrer Allan Knight und Sozialarbeiterin Marlene Putman, wuchs mit den zwei älteren Schwestern Allison und Sharon, den zwei älteren Brüdern David und Christopher sowie seinem jüngeren Bruder Jordan in Dorchester auf, einem Stadtviertel von Boston mit hoher Kriminalitätsrate und Drogenhandel.