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But I miss them a lot when they’re not with me, so it’s hard. Then I wanted to wait two years after Vivi was born before having another baby so they could be around three years apart and that didn’t happen either. When he drops his paci she’ll pick it up and put it back in his mouth. It’s going to be such a smooth brother-sister relationship because they’ll balance each other out with how different they are. Vivi needs a lot of action and things to keep her occupied because her mind is always going. MT: Do you find yourself parenting your children any differently, because one is a girl and one is a boy?But, you know, I think everything happens for a reason. MT: Did Vivianne have a hard time adjusting to having a little brother? in the head a couple of times while I was breastfeeding him, but she wasn’t doing it to be mean. Vivi is very vivacious and she’s just got the biggest personality and she’s very sassy and prissy and vocal about what she wants. Jr is very mellow, very go with the flow, he’s good with anything. Eric says that he feels like he’s going to be a lot softer on Vivi because, you know, daddy’s girl.Jessie James Decker puts a sultry, acoustic country spin on the old-school doo-wop and soul of Rihanna's 2016 hit "Love on the Brain" in this exclusive black-and-white clip.She infuses Rihanna's original, which drew favorable comparisons to Amy Winehouse, with even more of the late singer's torchy vulnerability. Love you sister,” Jessie posted Thursday on Instagram.

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The song, which she and co-writer Alyssa Bonagura collaborated on via text message, was inspired by the Deckers' pursuit of some alone time, a challenge for the parents of two small children."When you have kids it can be hard sometimes, because you've got to find creative ways to spend time with each other," Decker tells Rolling Stone Country.

I knew I would feel the same crazy love and I felt way more together. I have a pretty small frame and I have huge babies. I don’t know if I could marry someone who didn’t come off that way. I feel like both parents should equally take care of their children.

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