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22-Jun-2020 20:04

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Prince Rogers Nelson's Day of Birth.

Here are 53 factoids to help you celebrate this glorious day. See Also: How to purify yourself before a Prince show at Paisley Park [jump] 1.

She is credited with backing vocals on Usher's 2001 album 8701. Valente has also become one of Jehovah's Witnesses since they have been together .

Valente returned to Minneapolis, where she began her association with Prince, contributing vocals to his 2007 album, Planet Earth.

In a 1985 article in Rolling Stone, Prince says Bobby Z is his best friend, though he's "not a spectacular drummer." He says he keeps him on because Bobby's drumming is a reaction to what Prince does on stage.8.

When Prince's alias was the unpronounceable symbol, some staffers at Paisley Park just referred to him as "the dude."9.

They had creative differences over the newest non-musician members Prince had invited into the band.26. Fink, keyboardist for the Revolution, said during their early years they used to run into Bob Seger on tour, and Prince would ask why he was so popular. The motorcycle Prince rides in Purple Rain is a customized Honda.28.

Devoted Gimme Noise readers already know that we're big fans of Prince around these parts — we even have an entire wing of our blog roped off for Purple One-related posts.

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