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To hide their relationship, they keep what they saw a secret, as the truth begins to unravel around them."It was an absolute privilege and honor to be cast in this show and it was so much at play."I just wanted to be on a film set at any capacity and, of course, I wanted to be in front of a camera but I love this gypsy, always-on-the-move lifestyle of being in the film industry," he adds."I picked up a lot of wisdom from people being on the crew about how when you do get a leading role on something, you have a lot of responsibility for the whole project to create a positive experience for everybody, you're a leader on the set, whether you want to be or not." On "Eyewitness," Paxton plays Lukas, a BMX biker who witnesses a brutal murder during a tryst in the woods with another high school boy.Paxton was one of just two people to have been killed by an Alien, Predator and Terminator on screen, being followed in that respect by Lance Henriksen. co-star Chloe Sevigny said in a statement that he was “a big-hearted, thoughtful and honourable person”.

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He tweeted: “Very shocked and saddened by the passing of Bill Paxton. My family & I were such fans; we send our condolences and deepest sympathy to his.” star Bryan Cranston wrote: “I’m devastated about the passing of Bill Paxton.

"One thing my dad taught me is I learn everybody's name on a film set, , as fast as I can," he explains. That's something that I learned and I think it's very important." Paxton also picked up some tips by working behind the scenes.