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31-Dec-2019 09:29

But let's be fair: this is a hook-up website after all, it assumes you've left your prudish conservatism at the door and are primed to guiltlessly embrace galleries of 64 by 64 flesh-toned pixels.Interestingly however, all photos must be approved by Shag a Gamer's support team, who it seems are all too ready to wave through vulva after vulva - despite the photo guidelines being quite clear about ensuring your face isn't obscured.It sounded really silly, and funny, not least because of the notion that somebody pursuing anonymous, meaningless rutting would choose a partner based on trivial shared interests rather than whether or not they’ve got a nice face and the gender-specific sex-parts that they prefer kissing. In fact it’s a little cynical, absolutely misleading, downright greedy and, at worst, preys on the wallets of the woefully undersexed.I signed up to Shag a Gamer just over two weeks ago, , and in the space of a fortnight I’ve received no fewer than 330 private messages, all of them from girls with names like ‘Sweety’, ‘Babs’, ‘Lola’ and ‘Coco’ - names I’ve never heard of a real woman having before, despite knowing loads of my mum’s friends.All you have to do is drive traffic to your site.” So Shag a Gamer is not a bespoke hook-up website built for gamers after all.It’s simply a portal to a much larger community of people seeking sex.

I’d also told Shag a Gamer I was bisexual, so that I might be exposed to the whole of the beautiful sexual spectrum of gamers, yet the gender ratio filling my inbox is highly skewed towards women, when it’s understood that games, and to a larger extent sex websites, are predominantly used by men.I've never actually seen a bosom heave but I'm hoping to very soon. Nobody mentions their favourite RTS, nobody complains about the lengthy cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4, nobody makes sexy puns about Final Fantasy.

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