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05-Jul-2020 15:29

FTC officials said the messages were almost always from fake, computer-generated profiles designed to closely mimic the profiles of real people.

The fake profiles were indicated with a small "v" that indicates these were virtual profiles, but most users did not notice or understand this, according to the agency.

These include the delightful Cupidswand.com, the pulsating Flirt and the alluring If You Look Like I have contacted JDI Dating not only to ask whether its feelings are hurt by the judgment but also whether it believes that other sites employed and still employ similar tactics to lure the lovelorn. Temporarily, we tell ourselves that this sort of thing happens in the movies, so why can't it happen to us (just once)?

In this case, as the Daily Mail points out, users could theoretically have noticed that these profiles were computer-generated, as there was a tiny "v" for virtual (rather than virtuous) in the top right-hand corner.

But how tempting it must have been to receive a come-on message from a comely stranger who allegedly lived nearby.

JDI Dating describes itself as "one of the leading online-dating companies." However, the fine might suggest that one of its strengths is leading customers on to pay monthly memberships of between and .

Furthermore, the FTC reports that JDI had renewed users' premium memberships "without their consent," which was just "[a]dding insult to injury." The company told NBC News that it hadn't done anything wrong, but welcomed the end of its legal ordeal.

This marks the first FTC crackdown on a dating site.

The company's lawyer tells NBC News, JDI Dating has not admitted any wrongdoing, but is pleased to reach a resolution of the allegations.

The network, which has 8.5 million users across "18 sites and counting," created fake profiles and sent b.s. In order to message these "hot singles" back, users (y'know, real ones) would allegedly have to fork over up to /month.