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He got in but decided to continue a career as metalurgist and mechanical engineer The units were originally called the Jardin Apartments and were to be sited at Van Ness and Harold Way in Hollywood. The contractor took ownership and finished the job. In 1999 it was named one of the World Monument Fund's 100 Most Endangered Sites but as of 2010 the danger was over. Sten and Frenke bought the adjacent lot and combined it with theirs. , Brownsville TX, the state's first Modernist residence. Sold in 1995 to Peterson Conway whose remodels and additions removed much of the oringal Neutra design, including replacing the flat roof with a shed roof, adding on to the front of the house, and adding a connector building (lilac rooftop) between the garage and the studio (bottom photo). Most photos provided by the Blinks' granddaughter, Sally Shapiro.1941 - Avion Village, 800 Skyline Road, Dallas (Grand Prairie) TX. The entire development was finished in 100 days with the help of an on-site makeshift prefabrication plant. This redwood and sandstone suburban house is two interlocking rectangles. Thaddeus Longstreth, who collaborated with Neutra, supervised the Neutra-planned western extension of the house to accommodate two more bedrooms and another full bath. Located at the Thunderbird Country Club, formerly the Tamarisk Country Club, a gated community with no public access.

At the time of construction, it was the most unusual apartment complex in LA. Kraigher was making a landing at the Los Angeles Airport and he saw a radical design off of the runway, according to Gene Fernandez of the Brownsville Historical Association. Built under the auspices of the Federal Works Agency and its assistant administrator, Texas native Lawrence Westbrook, the facilities were designed by Roscoe De Witt and David R. Civilian employees of the North American Aviation Company were the first to live in the complex. According to Hay, "previous owners had painted the exterior pink, then white. Walls of different heights and textures separate public and private entrances. Longstreth included built-ins in the same style in the expansion. Owned as of 2012 by architect Hilmer Goedeking who specializes in restoring Neutra houses. For unknown reasons, Luella, who died in 2002, resisted placing the house on the National Register of Historic Places, or incorporating restrictions into its title. Rotenberg in 2002 on the promise he would preserve it. Neutra oriented this two-story house to look out over Lake Maggiore above Ascona.

As of 1998, the Brownsville house had been empty for 20 years and was covered in graffiti. Over the years a number of distinguished people rented here, including Charles and Ray Eames who lived in one of the top apartments until they built their own famous place in Santa Monica. The Browns rebuilt the house immediately and lived there until 1959. She did renovations in 1957, including nude gladiators painted on the curved wall leading to six bedrooms upstairs. Charles Gwathmey added a pool in 1981, bottom photo. Restored and extended by architect Steven Ehrlich 1996-1998. Deeded to Ann Magnuson, who later married Neutra expert John Bertram, principal of Bertram Architects, shown in bottom photo by Christine House., one of three originally at 180/182/184 Marvin Avenue, Los Altos CA. The hardwood floors had been pickled white and further desecrated by an indoor plant, which had left an ugly stain." Sold in 2003 to Jonathan P. Interior design renovation by Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design., Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2002 to Jeffrey and Karen Brandlin -- who threatened demolition in 2003. Restored by designer Barbara Barry and architect David Serrurier. 1942 - The Channel Heights Housing Project, North Western Avenue and West Capitol Drive, San Pedro CA. Built for defense worker housing near the Lockheed aircraft factory, these modest homes were originally around 1000 sf and 2-3 bedrooms. Photographer Julius Shulman gave them his old photos so they could restore the house properly. Shulman told us that Neutra stood with him and told him exactly how to frame the shots. Designed with Dion Neutra to incorporate the needs of both adults and children in the same house. Source: Pencil Points (May 1944), the former name for Progressive Architecture magazine. Designed for the same family that owned Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. Sold in 2005 to Samuel (Sam) Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons. Neutra created furniture, including a coffee table and living room chairs, that are still in place (along witih the original owners) nearly 60 years later. Put on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012., Long Beach CA. In all, nearly 250,000 units were built for the military nationwide. In October 1961, construction crews unearthed a solid granite, 25-ton boulder near Second and School Streets. The Rovens (lower lot) and Abraham Spiegel (upper lot) engaged Neutra to design two 6000 sf houses starting in 1956. Well-preserved.1965 - The BEWO-Bau Gmb H Development II, Quickborn, Germany. A dense estate of 67 detached houses; they have been better preserved than the first BEWO development of 1960. Begun as a low-budget project drawn by his son Dion, and completed (after a break during which financing was unavailable) by Honegger, a Swiss architect who previously worked with Neutra. 2011 - A house for sale in Madrid is listed as designed by Richard Neutra.

In 1999, it was purchased by the City Of Brownsville. Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Louise Reiner were also tenants here. After several years on the market, it was given to, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. Saved from destruction by the Hollywood Freeway expansion with relocation to Santa Monica Canyon. Sold in 2008 to Scott Lander who did a restoration. She frequently held ESP demonstrations with favorite psychic Richard Ireland. As of 2007, the owners were John Law and Hope Warschaw. In 1935, Neutra started the design for Jacqueline Johnson who owned two, and Clayton Stafford. Sold to developer Barbara Behm, aka Princess Blovana, in 2004 and moved (middle photo) in 2008 to a new site in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles CA. 1942 - The Pueblo del Rio Housing Project, 1801 East 53rd Street, South Los Angeles CA. Designed by Southeast Housing Architects Associated which included Neutra, Paul R. Kaufmann, Adrian Wilson, and the firm Wurdeman & Becket. Won a Distinguished Honor Award from the Southern California AIA in January 1947. It has been a dream to live here." Third photo by Sidney Baldwin. When Edgar Kaufmann died in 1955, the house was vacant for a number of years then sold to Francis C. The adjacent house burned, and Simon built a new house there in 2007, using this one as an office and guest house. Designed by Neutra at the same time as the Moore house next door. Sold around 2010 for the first time to 5561 Las Paseda Street LLC, controlled by architect Kelly Sutherlin Mc Leod who led an award-winning restoration., Long Beach CA. Moore by a heart attack, the home was purchased by Dr. With the exception of the peninsula counter dividing the kitchen from the living room, there were no significant architectural changes., Ojai CA. The Moores were disciples of Krishnamurti, a spiritual leader based in Ojai. However, Lemoore Naval Station CA and MHAFB were the only installations that Neutra and Alexander received housing design commissions. The enormous rock mass was the largest rock deposit of its kind ever seen this far south in Iowa (similar deposits have been found in the Marshalltown area). However, according to Neutra expert Barbara Lamprecht, several factors ranging from apparently uneasy client relations, questions about the legality of the subdivided lot, and Neutra's two bouts in the hospital, led to his losing the clients. According to Der Spiegel 26 August 1964, the development got off to a very difficult start - with only four homes sold 18 months in. Material and craftsmanship were outstanding, but Neutra demanded a new thinking from the purchasers by offering smallish homes tightly packed together, 44 of them even attached, with small private gardens but blocked views. Built on the outskirts of Wengen with an impressive view of the Eiger mountain massif. Even so, a few months before he died, Neutra requested in a letter to be referred to as the home's original designer. Sold in the late 1980's to the Bachmanns, third owners. However, Neutra never designed any houses in Spain.

In 2005, the City leased it for 99 years to the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, who did a complete restoration (bottom photo). The northern set of 4 are condos while the southern set are still rentals. Around 1937 - A 20th Century Home for the Harnischfeger Corporation, Houses Division, Milwaukee WI. Available for rent as of 2012., in the Marina District of San Francisco. At 750 square feet, this house was moved to Los Altos City-owned land in November 2005 and is now a community center. Park, who sold it in 1962 to art dealer Joseph and Nelda Linsk. Sold in 2016 to LJWJCorona LLC, controlled by Lorna Jane and William Clarkson., Beverly Hills CA. Won first prize in House Garden's 1947 Architectural Awards. Evelyn Blackman, a sociology professor at California State University, Long Beach. In 1959, MHAFB won the best new housing award., Pasadena CA. In 2009, they turned the Serulnic house into a guest house and built a new main dwelling, bottom photo, designed by Michael Maltzan. Bottom photo by Roger Straus III/ESTO., Chattanooga TN. Their daughter, Ann Livingston Raines, lived there for years. The boulder was a glacial deposit, having been brought down by the ice from someplace in Canada perhaps 200,000 years ago, well prior to Iowa's last glacier 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. In 1961, architect Benno Fischer, former project architect for Neutra, redesigned the project based in part on Neutra's original layout. The Spiegel House has been demolished., Bryn Athyn area of Huntingdon Valley PA. Bewobau subsequently cancelled plans for another 422 houses. High above Lake Maggiore, this has a breathtaking view exploited by Neutra to the fullest. 1966 - The Rentsch House, In der Ledi, Wengen 3823 in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland. Originally designed with a flat roof, Neutra was forced by planning officials to add a gabled roof. , on an island in the James River, Richmond VA, donated to the Science Museum of Virginia Foundation in 1996. NCMH alerted noted Neutra expert Barbara Lamprecht. According to the owner's nephew, "This project was done in the 60's for the soldiers of the American base in Torrejon de Ardoz, that is why it was called Aneutra." The real estate listing agent saw this term and made an incorrect assumption. Sources include: Diann London, Ojai Valley Museum; Silver Lake News; Freebase; Blockshopper; Arts and Architecture Case Study Houses; LALife; You Are Here; Pacific Coast Architecture Database; Archiportal; Classic Houses of Portland Oregon 1850-1950 by William John Hawkins and William F.

As of April 2012, maintenance funding was in question as TSC and UT-Brownsville ended their partnership. Built for two doctors, William Schiff and Ernest Wolfes. Nelda Linsk hired in 1964 to add about 2200 sf of interior space by converting a patio into a media room; a wall was removed so the newly enclosed space could open into the original living room; additional air conditioning was placed on the roof. Sold in 2001 to Mark Haddawy and Kathleen Rodriguez who still owned it as of 2014. Perkins died in March 1991 and left the house to the Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Sold in 2000 to fashion mogul Tom Ford (second photo, left). At one time it was owned by industrialist/philanthropist Norton Simon and actress Jennifer Jones. For sale in 2014, again in 2017., Pacific Palisades CA. The house features a reflecting pool, glass walls, birch doors, radiant-heat pipes under the concrete floors, recessed lighting, and a catwalk outside the master bedroom to make it easier to clean the windows. Because of Neutra's busy schedule, the Livingstons hired family friend and local architect Mary Lou Droston to help oversee construction. In May of 1962, the huge rock was moved to the Goldman's lawn where it was made available to Drake University's geology classes for examination and study. For the remaining homes, historic preservation status came in 2005. This huge villa, which cost a small fortune to build, was the most elaborate ever erected by Neutra in Europe and is a milestone of his later work. Willingham; Private Landscapes: Modernist Gardens in Southern Californiaby Pamela Burton and Marie Botnick; Virtual Globe Trotting; Neutraweb; Neutra: The Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht; Tobias Kaiser; Richard Neutra in Europe, Buildings and Projects 1960-1970; Exhibition by the Marta Herford Museum, Herford, Germany, May-August 2010; Richard Neutra 1950-1960 Buildings and Projects by Karl Kramer Verlag; Catherine Meyler; Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide by David Gebhard and Robert Winter; Raymond Richard Neutra; Dion Neutra; Ted Cleary; Patricia Leddy; Mike Dorsey; Sally Shapiro.

They made peace before Schindler died there of cancer. A few years later, it was sold to architect Maynard Lyndon. (Bill) and Shirley Brice, who moved it to this address and lived there until at least 2008. Rand rented the house in 1951 to Ruth Beebe Hill, which continued under the new 1963 owner, Kathryn Houchins, who also owned an adjacent horse farm. It was listed for sale in 1947 but did not sell until 1950, when she sold to Charlie Farrell. According to Hauser, the addition, a peaked roof room with the planter and tiled floor, bottom photo, was not by Neutra. Sold in 2004 to Van Scott Jones and Thierry Marchand. Julius Shulman photographed the house in the summer of 1958. According to Patricia Leddy, construction was a group effort between her husband, an attorney, and his attorney friends working on the weekend like an old-fashioned barnraising. She transferred the property in March 2010 to a personal trust then to her wholly-owned LLC, Signal Hill LLC.

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Architect Chad Overway, still owner as of 2014, purchased the building from Schiff in 1993 and undid many of those changes. Featured in Arts and Architecture Magazine, September 1948. The restaurant became Geoffrey's in 1983 and its stunning ocean views make for memorable meals. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton., Montecito area of Santa Barbara CA. Sold to Wesley Glassell for about 20 years, who did a series of renovations. Sold in 2000 to Steve and Diann London who built an addition designed by Charles Kellogg and Dion Neutra. The eight-room house plus three-car garage is of wood frame and stucco construction. Restored by Marmol-Radziner (principal Ron Radziner, standing, next to Ford lying down). Kronish bought the property from actress Shirley Temple. Saved from demolition; sold in October 2011 for .8M to Hestia Properties LLC controlled by Stavros Niarchos III, young Greek shipping tycoon. Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx collaborated on the landscape design of the three-acre property. Alexander was actively involved in many multi-housing projects but only two single-family houses during that period: the Hall House and the Governor's house on Guam. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence. Not succeeding, they hired Neutra to do their own custom design. The owner consented to mothballing the house while arguments continue, and the house degrades, into 2016.They broke up in 1959 when Alexander and Neutra disagreed over large-scale jobs."Certainly today all serious architectural students are aware of your tremendous contribution to both the fiber and spirit of the art, and almost all are in sympathy with the means you have used in giving your ideas form, even though our own incipient philosophies and forms may be directed in many different ways. Meyler's restoration efforts included replacing the roof; re-piping and re-plumbing; replacing the electrical system; reframing the living room and garage; installing new insulation in all walls and ceilings; replacing window glass; refinishing the concrete floor; and adding a six-foot wall around the property. Photos by Tony Kirk and David Royal., Lone Pine CA.Neutra and Schindler ended their partnership and co-residency and rarely interacted after that. Brilliantly restored by Casale, James Rega, and Christopher Steele. Sold in 2015 to CFd L LLC, controlled by Christian Cigrang., Los Angeles CA. After passing through several owners including Lou Bach, author Ayn Rand bought the house with her husband, Frank O'Connor, and lived there from 1943 to 1951 when they moved to New York. Richter invented the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes. The house was seized by the state and destroyed in 1973 to make way for the 210 Foothill Freeway. After Miller left Palm Springs in 1943, she rented to military friends stationed in town. 1958 - The George Kraigher House II, formerly Bethlehem Road, Litchfield CT.

When Neutra had a heart attack in 1953, he found himself in the same hospital room as Schindler. Originally this 1565 sf metal and plywood prefabricated building was part of the 1936 California House and Garden exhibition at the LA Building Center. She called it "unbelievably wonderful." She wrote much of Atlas Shurgged here. When she returned, the house had fallen into such disrepair she closed up the house and left town. Sold to John Hauser who purchased the house out of foreclosure around 2008 and spent two years in renovations. Correspondence between Neutra and Kraigher reveals this is now Route 63, Morris CT. Sold in 2004 to Massy Mehdipour who rented it out for several years.

The upper floors were converted to private condos., Los Angeles CA. Despite objections from the owner, in 1988 the City of Los Angeles designated the building a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. The lot was subdivided years ago and this house was renumbered to 1642. Frank Lloyd Wright was originally hired but proved too difficult for the clients. Building regulations dictated the use of pitched roofs. Chris Shanley and John Bertram were design associates. Color photos by Michal Cherwonka., La Crescenta CA. Now a diplomatic residence for the Swiss Ambassador to Cuba.