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She was influential in Congi'ess and in tiie Governmental departments. We forget their passions and even condone the law infractions of u few in consideration of their genuine worthiness as building and boosting citizens. THE STORY OF OKLAIIO-MA CITY 29 man uses; indeed, if it so gratities them, to have their initials carved into the very sides of the ,uate-guarding lions. The order was issued aftci' tlie Conunissioner had received resolutions of protest from organizations at Ok- lahoma City and Kingtishcr.

Durin- the -rcatcr j Kirt of Okla- homa City's creative era the republicans were in control of the National Government and Guthrie remained rock-i-ibbed re- ])ublican. It was the seat of democratic re w,-ll- ; defined opinions about (li\"crs thinus than he fonued wlu-n transpirings were current. AVe are iienitent that we made nnrighteous charges against associations of men. Scott and (leorge Cooke, and a score of others, who wrestled with a nu'diocrity that ]irevailed on Main Street iu 'S9 and con(iuered it in piecemeal l)efore fi-ost formed upon i their temples. The city isn't *: set apart and billboarde.l with amiouncements tli;it it. It has become an honor for one to say he is an eighty-niner, as nnieh so in pleasant memories and mental apartness as if one were descended from a ! Tin- o])cning of the Cheyenne and Ara])alioe reservations further increased tlie jiopiilation of the city and was the last official act necessary to guaran- tee construction of the Choctaw Raili-oad across the Territory from East to West.

But when it eame, Oklahoma City's commercial position was for the time being secure. The officers were deluged with offers from defend- ants to turn state's evidence, and many detailed confessions were had that were never used. Flyun, who had been postmaster at Guthrie, this year defeated Afr. This was tlie first cxpcricnci' the settlers had had with high waters of tlic river and they initiated jlans for straightening the chainic L These jilans developed more or less half-lieartedly and UKire or less hiusely during the next few years and cuhninated i]i the digging of a canal for a river cut-off.

It came after nmch dickering and much bickering, after fights between aml)itious comnnmities, one of which was Guthrie, Oklahoma City's earliest, most formida])le and hmgost-lived eommercial and political rival, and after the travail of hard work and sleepless nights. Conviction fol- lo^A•ed conviction as rapidly as the cases were submitted to the juries, ^lany defendants left the country as soon as they heard that their cases were under investiuatioii by a grand jury, which tlie\- could pretty well tigure (ut l\v the names of the witnesses before that body, while many of those in- dicted jumped their bonds, and never again appeared in the territory. iver Hoods in tlie early summer of this year inflicted much damage to ])ro])erty in what had l)een South Oklalioma.

Souiethiu- sug-estiim a new dawn was warped into that smile, something eiiibleuiati- cal of intinite ndief. Her graduation was an event of the jjrevious sjji'ing and she was now entering an autmnn of resj)ite, a ])art of which she expected t(j devote to assend)ling material for a book. her father's ranch l)oss, had come donunantly into her life these last few months. The leading memlx-r of this party was Representative William M. Jn con- sidering this ease the honoi'able assistant connnissioiiei' says: 'I agree with your first conclusion that the fact that Jnhn H. "When the i-oad was built in 1891 a com- promise between the conflicting claims of the railway com- pany aud those who had settled on the townsite was effected, whereliy the alley in tlie row of blocks between First and Sec- ond streets was vacated, with forty feet off the lots on either side, at a cost of ^l G,n(H).

The lad at the foot of the tree received the uiessa-e into a mind full of trouble, a gnawing, bli-luiiig. Teachers, students and other friends in the East during the past four years through numberless queries about her life in the West had inspired her to write the tales she told tliem. Xot Louis Mason of the saddle and spurs and not the handsome yomig chief of the roundup, but an invisible Loui^ Mason. It was a friendship that came not from intimate associatiou. Springer of Illinois whose intluence was a big factor in the passage of the act opening the Territoi'y to set- tlement. AV(jod has for a numl)er of years prior to April 22. '■':•.''''■';''='' nun ^^ir V^iia-i:^ AMERICAN' XATIOXAL BANK BUILDING in ' ' ■ ■, JA ^ ^ TIOMIC OF TIIK DAILY OKLAIIOMAX ^ 1.»^ n i\ THE STOKY OF OKLAIIO. which sum was ]aid in city scrip, to be ])ayable when validated liy an act of ( 'ongi'i'ss.

I, I^efore the Run 8o Oklahoma City on April 24, 18S9 S:? The entrance of the Frisco, indeed, was the most important event of a decade, if not the one clinching and determining event in all the city's history. The Santa Fe, however, could scarcely be a respecter of municipalities on its line, and the eighty-niners early learned that self-dependence, self-assertivenessand the boldest sort of influential preponderance of effort would t;et results. This was done, and wheji it was dis- covered that their voluntary return to pi'ison was nu'rely a ruse to get the (h'fendants out of the jurisdiction of the Outhrie court, the Tvansas officers volunteer(Nl to return the accused to C.uthrie for trial. Tears slijjped out timidly and arra\-e(l themsfl\-es like silver beads upon her checks. For a long- time a sort of inijiersonal friendship existed between ^Nlary and Louis. Undeniably it was a day they shonld not forget and if they were mindful of the hospitality of their hosts to a degree conunensurate with that hosintality, they became deliberate and proliiic (.)klahonia proi Jagandists. And at the banquet Sidney Clarke pre- sided — a former congressman who was accpiainted with the little frills and niceties and figures of speech of a social re- public. "The right of way and leases of the road were m(»rtgaged for a])proximately ,000 per mile. The right of way and reservation for de]M.t and side tracks was 200 feet wide and upon April 22, 1SS9, the Ihnits thereto were jilainly marked l)y tin signs which were cons}»icuously posted. A smile disarranged tlicni and they fell i)layfully into her lap. She had spent ouly part of each year on the ranch, the remainder attending school in ^lassa- chusetts. The\- had a barljecue at midday, a Ijanij Uet at evening, and none was Ijetter trained to manage the former than M. Between the hour of the Ijarljccuc and the hour of the banquet there were hours and hours of sjiace and the con- gressmen occupied much of it at speech making. "When the track had l)een laid from Reno to Yukon, the bond- holders refused to furnish more funds. The settlers, however, paid no attention to these signs or tlie right of way thus claimed. Wc look u]ion an e\-ent nioi-c generously and m»u'e charitably after its rect'ssioii into fifteen or twenty years of liistory than wlien the heat and the labor and the turmoil of the day were n\n,u it. There are residents of the city today who speak unkindly of these associations out of a thimbleful of tattled information who twenty years from today will regret the speech and wonder how it came about that they permitted the progress train to go by without their taking passage. MA (TTY Thi.s siiimilar cliai-actci-istic was ijo iiioi-c oxtradnlinary than tht'ir appraisal uf the size of the l)ite.s tliey couhl chew or the eapaeity of their stoinachs. Sunday aftcniooii buggy rides with their sweet- hearts and friends, builds the city's first big hotel and one of its first Main Street oftiee buildings, accimiulates a fortune otherwise and niuves up to Ka)isas City where they respect- fully prefix a mister to the once plain Oscar Lee." x V eow- puncher froui tlie sandy lands and sapoaks of Cirayson County, Texas, who, contrary to all liabits and traits of his kind, ac- quires the 8peneerian art and passes it on to others, becomes an accountant of i)arts and is prou to tlie otlice of treas- urer of his state — introducing tlie lionorablc William L. Somehow it was expected tliat Henry Overholser would accunmlate a fortune; he was gifted in sudi fashion. of all middle west cities, stands alone as a veritable wondei' of the age. Maytl()wei- pas M/uiivr or a hern of the Amer- ican Revolution. A liranch of the Choctaw had been ( /.' .-.''r 134 THE STORY OF OKLAHOMA CITY The early part of the year way uutable for the activities of the boomers.

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Wy the same y;i V(l- stick we measure men and or Lianizations. The Chamber of Commerce reared Oklahoma City after it reached its teens. They were in an niipcopk Hl out- (h^ors with everytliin.u' under the smi to ask for and 10.()0U acres on whieh to phicc all they received. But it would have required uncommon pnq.liecy to pictuie him in a palatial home set upon a long verdured ridge that once tempered the sting of the ••northers," and more than a mile away from Main Strec'tl Thither also went Edward Cooke, the banker, and topped the ridge with a brick residence of English persuasion that furnished a topic for conversation intervals at many an afternoon tea. But the men that sledge-hammered the si)ikes into the ;. elevated the rafters, naih'd ..n the shingles and painted and furnished the house are ', entitled to have their names Avritti'U on the Ikpx that tlie post- ^i" ;m) ,|.^ (. Graver responsibilities were upon those that came after them. Not only had they o^■erruu the Cheyenne and Arajnihoe reservations but they continued more or less law- less activities in what was known as the Cherokee Strip, the demand for the opening of which was even stronger than that for the oijeniug- of the other reservation.

Probable connections with Texas J^anhandle jxiints were in early years not a matter of vital concern, for the wind-stripped Plains were yet climati- cally discredited.