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25-Jan-2020 20:29

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Created by the United States' War Department and re-issued again in 1947, it shows a charismatic white male giving a hate-filled speech against 'alien foreigners' in the middle of a town square.

As spectators look on, the man refers to himself as an 'American American,' before shouting: 'I see negroes holding down jobs that belong to me and you.

You won't be able to resist this adorable rendition of What A Wonderful World!

That’s allegedly what happened in another report about Brad Pitt and his post-split romantic life.

He finishes his return episode by extending his focus to adults, who have a tendency to fall asleep while sitting on the toilet.

But unfortunately that was not so.'Michael Oman-Reagan, an anthropologist and researcher in British Columbia, posted the clip to Twitter on Saturday evening.ESL Notes – An outstanding resource site, created by Raymond Weschler, which provides over 200 detailed film guides.Watch Young Jim Carrey's First Stand-Up Routine Even at the start of his career, the comedian nailed some memorable impressions.But if two recent viral videos from Christian broadcaster SAT-7 are any indication, there is a growing familiarity with Christian forgiveness in the Arab world ...

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A 1940s anti-Nazi propaganda video warning of the dangers of fascism has re-emerged this week, and struck a familiar chord with viewers following the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.Yeah, the e Harmony video profile thing that exploded all over the Internet and mainstream media last year. Of course that wasn’t a real dating commercial, but it could have worked. Here’s another dating profile that even made it to the Viral Video Film School. But what matters most is understanding what people react to.

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