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09-Jul-2020 14:17

Advocates, both professional and volunteer, work to affirm your rights and to provide information and services to victims of crime.

Organized locally, the starting point is a victim advocate in the jurisdiction of the crime.

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This commonly surprises victims who expect ‘swift justice.’ It is typical for victims to experience secondary trauma.Secondary trauma is emotional pain caused by the people and processes from whom victims seek help.This can happen because of the system’s slowness, incompetencies and just the fact that you are working with humans.The average loss for men was £2,354 compared with only £809 for women.

The report also reveals that the harm caused to victims of cyber crime increases with age, with elderly victims feeling a greater impact on their health and financial wellbeing than younger victims.

Working closely with partners and agencies such as the police, NCA and the Home Office the ECPC seeks to provide individuals and particularly small businesses with advice and guidance on how to stay protected from all forms of economic and cyber crime.

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