Updating squidguard blacklist lock shock fanfic dating couple love nightmare before christmas

10-Jun-2020 14:06

Together with a simple cron job and a shell script, the database of blacklisted sites is kept up to date.

This article describes the process step-by-step of how to get up and running.

You can also delete any extra IP blocks out of the examples you are not using.

For the purposes of this howto we will use a very simple configuration for Squid Guard, with only one category of sites that we want to block.

After a bit of looking around, I decided on the combination of squid ( and Squid Guard (

I’ve used squid before and it is really easy to set up and use.

This is the default port that Squid will listen on for requests.

If you want to change it, uncomment the line and set the correct port.

updating squidguard blacklist-24

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The quick and dirty script here downloads the blacklists and combines the lines into the existing databases and then alters the squid Guard configuration file to include and new lists.

The way this works is that Squid passes every link to every page requested to Squid Guard.

Squid Guard examines this link and compares it to its database (more on this later) of unsuitable sites.

If you want Squid to listen only on one specific NIC, you can also change the IP address – for example You'll need to uncomment that line if necessary, and change that IP address to match your network.

/24 signifies the block of IP addresses from to most (if not all) Linux distributions provide a ready packaged Squid distribution, so the amount of effort required to install it rally is minimal.

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