Updating classic american bungalows

29-Mar-2020 12:39

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This is the first of the series, Updating Classic America.

This series will provide ideas for design and renovation of classic American homes.

In an age when teardowns, scrape-offs, and wraparounds are radically altering the residential landscape and “Mc Mansions” are the prevailing crop of our farm fields, people are awakening to the value of traditional American neighborhoods.

Many of us are returning to what can be called classic American housing types — the Bungalow, the Colonial, the Cape, and the Ranch.

"Bungalows" gives a history and overview of the style along with proven, tasteful design solutions for a variety of bungalow-style remodels, additions, renovations, and new construction.

Features before and after floor plans, highlights more than 20 bungalows from around the country and includes various options to fit different budgets.

A puzzled reader submitted this photo, wondering: "Built in 1920, the house is somewhat reminiscent of a bungalow," the homeowner writes.

Their previous books include two volumes in the "Updating Classic America" series: "Bungalows" and "Ranches." Our shop is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis at 250 3rd Avenue North. Distinguishing characteristics of the Chicago Bungalow include: like a Queen Anne Victorian, but if you examine the roof you can see the outlines of its true nature.