Tweetdeck columns not updating

22-Jan-2020 10:13

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Tweet Deck is just one way to get more out of Twitter.

In order to get started with Tweet Deck, you want to download and install it.

If you wish to switch accounts, you can eliminate the one from Tweet Deck and add the new one.

Enter in the same details, then click the box next to “Keep me logged into Tweet Deck.” Finally, click “Log In.” Tweet Deck will request permission from Facebook to access your account. You will see every account you have added in this area.

Click “Scheduled.” This will automatically add a Scheduled column to Tweet Deck that you can navigate to.Each column will be related to the service, account and action for the account.You can either click the boxes or the arrows to navigate to and from columns.Tweet Deck is a desktop application created by Twitter that allows you to use Twitter and Facebook in one application from the comfort of your computer.

This means you do not have to actually log into your Twitter account and post from your web browser.

Click on the ‘blue icon and the pen.” This will allow you to update your status.