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At this stage, you might want to get her a cupless or sports bra to help give her support and protect her tender breast tissue from rubbing against material that might irritate her, says Sherrie Strong, owner of a lingerie store in Snellville, Georgia.How to deal: It's going to be hard adjusting to your daughter's new body, particularly if she's filling out quickly and looking more like a woman than a little girl."When we went to Target, I'd say, 'Hey, pick out some bras you like and throw them in the basket.' Now she loves them so much she sleeps in them." How to get your kid to open up to you Tori had a hard time finding a bra that fit Gabi properly.

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So to help us through, I asked moms in the thick of puberty for useful tips.

What to Expect When You Have a Boy Muscles When to expect them: Somewhere between age 11 and late teens (and for some, even early adulthood) What to expect: He won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, but your son will start getting more muscular, mostly in his arms and shoulders.

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