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Parenting all of these phases and situations isn’t easy, there are times when we wish we could use a “one size fits all” approach to parenting but that doesn’t work and in the end it won’t help our kids grow into the people God has designed them to be.

We first became aware of Mr Bernstein after his public ridicule of the libtard rag, Daily Kos, that demanded answers into Julian Assange’s initial silence over the United Nations document that detailed Assange’s grooming of the 8 year old through our dating site.We have publicly addressed this as an orchestrated smear campaign.The operation to smear Toddand and cover up Assange’s unlawful sex offenses on our site, was devised by Wikileaks and code named “Nigger Treatment”.The Bible says that God disciplines those he loves and we love our children enough to discipline them as well.

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If you look into the word discipline you’ll see the word disciple. We are all called to go into the world and make disciples and it starts at home! If you need help unifying in marriage so that you can see the greater results of parenting, click the contact link…

Vegas-based Piper Belle Rose said that when she first was contacted by Bernstein through the camsite, MFC, the main topic of conversation was her client’s relationship with his wife, Rieka Jackson.

Don’t be shy, showcase your interests, avoid clichés and boring descriptions and get down to the real you to stand out from the crowd.3.… continue reading »

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“We let each other have his or her own independence.… continue reading »

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Plus, the older guy has to learn how to handle the elevated risk of being labeled a “lech” or “pervy”.… continue reading »

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Shhh Dating There's no need for awkward small-talk at these unconventional silent speed-dating events. In the first you can mime, squeak and gesticulate but in the second there's total silence; only staring into each other's eyes is allowed.… continue reading »

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The internationally agreed average length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks from the first day of your LMP (last menstrual period) but how accurate is this? LMP is not an accurate way of determining a due date as different women have different length cycles, implantation can occur early or late and sometimes women just don’t know what date their LMP was especially in unplanned pregnancies. … continue reading »

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