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And custodians and broker-dealers constitute a form of platform business as well, connecting advisors and the asset managers who want to reach them.

Envestnet is quite possibly an even purer form of platform business, avoiding the hassles of actually being the custodian or doing the clearing, and instead serving as technology that facilitates the matchmaking process between advisors and asset managers.

Perhaps an even better example of a platform business serving financial advisors would be Envestnet, which similar to broker-dealers and custodians facilitates financial advisors connecting with asset managers for various types of investment solutions.

What’s notable about Envestnet from the platform perspective, though, is that they don’t actually serve as a broker-dealer or custodian at all; in fact, they work investment management solutions.

Still, this means the door remains open for an actual financial advisor matchmaking platform, that connects consumers directly to financial advisors themselves.

Prior attempts at this model have largely failed, likely due to the fact that most advisors are such generalists that it’s not really feasible match them effectively with consumers in the first place.

In turn, this suggests that a successful platform in the future will need to focus not on pairing consumers with advisors, but on helping consumers find an advisor who can answer their particular question – which forces advisors to actually choose a niche specialization by which they can For most of history, the traditional business model has been some form of pipeline business – one where the consumer buys a product or service that is delivered by the business in a series of linear steps from one end of the pipeline to the other.

With a relatively simple product or service, the consumer may buy directly from the original producer.

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Something interesting is happening.” The key driver that makes the platforms so extraordinary: “network effects”, or the phenomenon that the more people use the platform, the more desirable of a marketplace it is for other people to use.

Apple and Facebook have “app” makers; the stock market has investment banks and broker-dealers.

Notwithstanding the fact that the stock market itself is one of the oldest and largest platform businesses, though, there are other platform businesses within the industry that help to facilitate interactions (i.e., transactions) between producers and consumers as well.

The key distinction is that while pipeline business models are limited to how quickly producers can create a good or service and push it through the pipeline, the platform business uses technology to connect consumers and producers directly (and take a small slice of the transaction).

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The key distinction: by “merely” being the connector more rapidly than was otherwise possible with any business model of the past.In more complex businesses, the pipeline may be elongated, with one company designing the product, the next manufacturing it, and another distributing it for sale, and each business adds some value (and earns its keep) along the chain.

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