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06-Jul-2020 14:04

If his love for you was deep enough, he would have gone the whole hog and married you. By the time you get other friends, elders, church members, pastors, neighbours etc., to appeal to them, they would change their minds. Or are you saying God cannot change their minds or quench the opposition?

By the time they see how determined the guy is, to win you over, stand by you and care for you, they would have a change of heart.

we still talk every now and then despite the fact that shes married now. I have an uncle who married an Ijebu lady, they have been married since 1975, yet my extended family never embraced her as a daughter inlaw.

She has no friend within our family, i mean the older generation.

Other couples have gone through more serious objections from their family, yet they have prevailed at the end of the day, and things worked out.

The problem is that these days, people are ready to throw in the towel at the first sign of opposition, which is sad.

Don't forget that to them, she is an unknown entity, and they may be afraid that she has come to take their son from them.

So with prayers, understanding, respect and courtesy, she can win them over to her side, and establish a bond with them. Pray instead for a man who loves you enough to stand by you, through thick & thin.

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A few are successful but most of the time, parents who want whats best for their kids would stop such romance. Its just like the case of Nigerians being corrupt and yet we know that not everyone is corrupt and its just a few that do it to tarnish our name so is this case.Its so bad, that if we are going to my home town for a family occasion, she packs all she needs - food and even water for the period she will be there, the distrust is that [email protected] poster,except u guys are ready to sacrifice and cut ties with family for love sake until they come to terms with ur being together, its better to part [email protected] What is it with Ijebu and Ondo/Ekiti?

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