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15-Jul-2020 22:03

Some shifts in attitude in Tahmineh’s community have been more obvious.

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Mullahs on television and radio philosophise and advise about it, sometimes in surprisingly lascivious detail.Here, a woman’s virtue is the cornerstone of life, and local people blame bad hijab and declining morals for everything from high inflation to unemployment.Women live under constant risk of being branded loose for behaviour as anodyne as laughing too raucously or wearing the colour red.It was the first time she had been exposed to people with values different from her own.

“Before, I wasn’t allowed to mix with boys, not even members of my family.

Government posters warn of the link between immodest dress and dubious morals; find-a-fatwa websites warn of the perils of self-love (everything from psychological damage to wreaking havoc on the nervous system) and offer cures to masturbators (lots of prayer and fasting).