Taylor lautner and miley cyrus dating

18-Mar-2020 08:18

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Country star Thomas Rhett represented the genre beautifully with his ’50s-inspired “Crash and Burn,” the Maren Morris duet “Craving You,” and gorgeous “Die a Happy Man.” Rhett also gave props to Lorde, declaring that the 20-year old New Zealand star “blew my mind tonight.” If anything, Rhett represented all that the i Heart Festival is all about.

Primarily a country star, Rhett plugged Big Sean’s forthcoming set and snuck in a little bit of Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” into his current song, “Unforgettable.” It is this spirit, i Heart Radio morning show host Elvis Duran told that makes the show so unique.

They were two Disney stars that were launched to fame, and each time we see throwback pictures of these two together, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic!

Miley and Liam might be absolutely adorable and perfect for each other, but we’ll never forget Niley. Ariana Grande and Big Sean Um, do you remember this?!

Fans always speculated that the breakup single from Swift’s 2010 album co-star Lea Michele pushed Lautner to reveal the tidbit to fans after bringing up his past relationships. ” Michele joked about Swift to a seemingly embarrassed Lautner.

Taylor Swift & Nelly Duet to ' Dilemma' at Karlie Kloss' Birthday Party: Watch The two co-stars jokingly bantered back-and-forth until Lautner confirmed the single was, in fact, about him. She writes songs,” said Lautner, to which Michele responded, “It’s something about a hat, right?

I Suck at Dating,” is being promoted by i Heart) and Peter Kraus. Every performer stopped in to check out the puppy adoptions in the backstage area —including Cyrus, the Impractical Jokers and Casey Moreta from Hey Violet, who all took home a precious pooch.

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Facebook Live video -- once and for all -- that Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” was written about their 2009 Taylor-Taylor relationship.

They were once our #OTPs, and although they may not be an item anymore, we still can’t help but reminisce over the fact that these celebs actually dated (and were a pretty cute pair! Here are 9 couples you totally forgot used to be an item. Selena Gomez and Zedd Sel and Zedd were such a power couple that they even had a hit song together.