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24-May-2020 23:23

In order to make your stay at Drosselbo pleasant, we have different categories of accomodation.Kamtjatka is situated in the center of Horsens next to shopping malls, local restaurants and cafés.As an Eligible Resident, you can apply and (if accepted by Village Management) enter into a Residential Agreement at Student Village Melbourne before receiving and accepting an offer to study at the University of Melbourne (University Offer) with the knowledge that you may apply to terminate your Residential Agreement with limited liability.To qualify, you must be an Eligible Resident and enter into a Residential Agreement at the Student Village for the commencing academic year and: 1.Student village is situated next to Campus Horsens and have among other things an outdoor football ground. If the consumed heat, electricity and water exceeds the account payment the difference will be drawn from the security deposit - if the consumption is less than paid on account, the difference will be transferred to you together with the security deposit.Everyone needs an internet plan to suit their needs.

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You must notify Village Management in writing (Resident Notification) within 5 days from the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) Main Round offers release date (refer to the VTAC website for actual dates).

The deposit is fully refundable once we have confirmed that there is no damage or additional cleaning required.

High speed wireless internet connectivity is available in the Village through a third party internet service provider, Big Air.

Be notified by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) that you have not received a the University of Melbourne Offer; or 2.

Receive a University of Melbourne Offer from VTAC but elect not to accept the University of Melbourne Offer.

Campus Life Services aims to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment through engaging students in a number of environmental initiatives throughout the term.