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Plymouth • I FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 1988 • No part ol this publication may be reproduced Ifl any lorm without our permisson. 'It's outselling the ST two to one.' Down in Southend-on-Sea. Estuary Computers" Nick told us that over Christmas the ST was outselling Ihe Amiga by three to one. The higher pnce of the Commodore machine, added Nick, was putting a lol of people off buying it in prefer- ence to the ST.At Loughborough's Charnwood Computers the ST was reported to be outselling the Amiga by a factor of 10 to 1 and the shop's Alan Chrich- ton fell there would be no change in the situation unless Commodore cut the Amiga's pnce substantially Alan also thought lhat if the Amiga were VIRGIN TAKE 16-BIT RISK Virgin are following the suc- cess of Diplomacy with the comput- er version ol Risk, to be released under the Leisure Genius label.3 | li t Clean out thai oak iree with Ramaird S Virmmtor. Champ floors ,he old balls' 130 The Blitter End This month's issue goes out with a bang, and no kidding SIGHT... AND SOUND 83 The Food Of Love From first sight to first night - an honest, no- holds-barred guide to the delicate subject of buy- ing your first synth.95 Letters Cspfajn Blood: Talk with Ihe alien, grunt rod weak and squawk with ihe alien... 21 Gridlock Tricks Our DIY series continues as Brian Larkman shows how to create 3D pictures - without the pain. Told in intimate, revealing pic- opposition probably the player as well.Subscribe to ACE get the mag delivered direct lo your door every month - and then giggle insanely as we lad over ourselves to give you a superb Spectravideo joystick worth £14 95 - completely free 5£ e 73 Competition Impossible Mission 2 - Ihree Cambridge Computer Z88 portables and 25 copies ol this long-awaited chartbuster must be won! Or trying to find some way of linking it up to your guitar? Some of the stuff was pretty ghastly, but the enor- mous variety made up for the few rotten apples.

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ENTERTAINMENT CAPTAIN BLOOD Inlogrames' Clone Ranger DEAD • REVIEWED CERT!An Atari spokesman expressed satisfaction with ST sales last year, describing the machine as Ihe fastest-seling home computer t around within a month or two.