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15-Apr-2020 19:16

So, why doesn't he divorce her, or start cheating on her?It's because he's one of those truly nice guys, and doesn't want to hurt anyone, especially not his children.Except, of course, they also have to accept the fact that he won't divorce his wife.

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And, if you have that in normal conversation, it would be even worse in a relationship.

One such misunderstanding is why I call him my "brother " and why he calls me his "sister ".

You see, before we even met, my "boyfriend " told me about the problem in his marriage.

And that means he can't trust the girls not to sabotage his marriage, even if they do say they accept him not getting a divorce.

After having learned all this from my "boyfriend ", and seeing what a great guy he is, I obviously felt he deserved better.That means divorce is completely out of the question.