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04-Jun-2020 21:33

British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to take action to protect government staff against sexual harassment, as allegations grow of inappropriate behavior by male members of parliament (MPs). politicians are effectively self-employed and have no formal procedure to air grievances against their employers.

A series of claims about the behavior of senior politicians have emerged in recent days, after the Harvey Weinstein scandal encouraged women in all professions to share their experiences of inappropriate sexual conduct. In a letter to the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, May wrote that the current set-up must change.

One of the cooperating suspects identified the leader of the group as New York Target #2. He was the primary "hunter" or "linker" for the group who recruited the teen girls using social media websites as "hunting ground," pretending to be a teenage boy and sending them links to chatrooms.

New York Target #2 turned out to be Maire, who, records show, admitted to the FBI that that was his user name.

The 44-year-old devout Christian said he had been foolish but no sexual contact had been made.

Crabb had previously been caught sending explicit messages to a different woman back in 2013.

According to court records, here is how the enterprise worked: Each group member had a role.

The "talkers" were in charge of talking to the girls to get them to engage in l sexual activity.

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As the FBI would learn, court records show, the man behind the operation was the married father from Binghamton, N.Commons leader Andrea Leadsom said Monday that the Cabinet Office is now investigating specific allegations about whether individuals had broken the ministerial code.