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One position contributes two symmetry-related tryptophan side chains (W124 and W124′) that form a significant fraction of the dimer interface; the final two positions (L111 and H106) are found in small hydrophobic core regions in each subunit..

The expression of wild-type I-Ppo I during spermatogenesis in transgenic mosquitoes causes cleavage of the paternal X chromosome but also results in complete male sterility because the protein’s stability and persistence in mature sperm cells leads to subsequent cleavage of the maternal X chromosome in the zygote.

1a).(a) Proposed model for the distortion of the reproductive sex ratio towards males based on meiotic X shredding.

A multicopy target sequence (black bars) on the X chromosome (but not present on the Y chromosome) is targeted by an endonuclease (red triangle) during spermatogenesis.

It has been theorized that inducing extreme reproductive sex ratios could be a method to suppress or eliminate pest populations.

Limited knowledge about the genetic makeup and mode of action of naturally occurring sex distorters and the prevalence of co-evolving suppressors has hampered their use for control.

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We demonstrate that distorter male mosquitoes can efficiently suppress caged wild-type mosquito populations, providing the foundation for a new class of genetic vector control strategies.

Constructs that had integrated on the X chromosome failed to show significant levels of I-Ppo I expression in the testes, in agreement with the notion that this chromosome undergoes general transcriptional silencing during male meiosis.

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