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Another posthumous account is that of Johannes Manlius, drawing on notes by Melanchthon, in his Locorum communium collectanea dating to 1562.

According to Manlius, Johannes Faustus was a personal acquaintance of Melanchthon's and had studied in Kraków.

For the year 1506, there is a record of Faust appearing as performer of magical tricks and horoscopes in Gelnhausen.

Over the following 30 years, there are numerous similar records spread over southern Germany.

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Other sources have Georgius Faustus Helmstet(ensis). Baron, searching for students from Helmstet in the archives of Heidelberg University, found records of a Georgius Helmstetter inscribed from 1483 to 1487.

In his 1548 account, Gast also mentions a personal meeting with Faust in Basel during which Faust provided the cook with poultry of a strange kind.

According to Gast, Faust travelled with a dog and a horse, and there were rumours that the dog would sometimes transform into a servant.

In Venice, he allegedly attempted to fly, but was thrown to the ground by the devil.

Johannes Wier in de prestigiis daemonum (1568) recounts that Faustus had been arrested in Batenburg because he had recommended that the local chaplain called Dorstenius should use arsenic to get rid of his stubble.

, was an itinerant alchemist, astrologer, and magician of the German Renaissance (or possibly of two such individuals using the Faustus moniker, one called Johann and the other Georg).