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Hearing on Defendant’s motion to terminate lifetime suspension, by agreement the Defendant shall file a supplemental memorandum within 30 days and the state may respond within 30 days thereafter. Purpose of this entry is to correct the number of years to which the Defendant would be placed on pose release after his release from incarceration/ three versus five.

The court finds the Defendant’s motion for judicial release not well taken and is denied. Jonathan Friend, Nunc Pro Tunc judgment entry on sentence filed. The court accepts the Nolle Prosequi entered by the state of Ohio and order that this case is dismissed without prejudice.

Gullett, Order of confirmation and distribution filed. Hopewell Farms Inc., Judgment entry confirming sale and ordering distribution of sale proceeds filed.

Absher, Entry confiming sale and ordering deed and distribution filed.

(The judgment rendered in this case has been affirmed by the fourth district court of appeals.

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It is ordered that the Adams County Auditor issue payment for the service rendered by attorney Worley in the amount of 2.48. Wesley Simpson, Motion, entry and certification for appointed counsel fees filed. Attached is certified copy of journal entry dated Aug. Obligor is in contempt, the imposed sentence remains suspended. It is ordered that the support obligation for the benefit of one of the children is terminated effective July 23, 2015. Sherry Jordan of Hillard, Action: Divorce without children.

(Non-oral hearing on 9/25/15 at 8 a.m.) John Miller vs. (If sums due are not paid within 3 days an order of sale shall be issued.) First State Bank vs. (Non-oral hearing on 9/14/15 at 8 a.m.) Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. (JD exam on 9/18/15 at 12 p.m.) Domestic Cases Steve Jordan of West Union vs. Young of Winchester, Action: Dissolution with children. Megan Reyes-Rosales, Judgment entry on sentence filed. Defendant convicted to amended count of vehicular assault, F4, and OVI M1, sentenced to 2 years community control, 0 fine, maintain employment, county jail for 3 days 8/7/15, 8/10/15 license suspension State of Ohio vs. Defendant tested positive for suboxone, bond is revoked and set at ,000 CA/SU NO 10% plea set for 9/14/15 at 2 p.m. (Def convicted of tampering with drugs F3 and sentenced to 2 yrs comm control, 1 yr intensive supervision, 240 hrs comm service, 0 fine, Attain GED, attend treatment, County Jail time 12/24/15 at 9 a.m.

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