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Perhaps his finest moment comes in the 1966 feature film, Batman: the caped crusader is running along a boardwalk, clutching a fizzing bomb which he repeatedly attempts to discard but can't, because he runs first into a group of nuns, then a woman with a pram, two lovers in a rowing boat, and a family of ducks."Some days," Batman complains, "you just can't get rid of a bomb."On occasions, West says, numerous takes were required as the cast couldn't stop laughing."In one episode, where Catwoman had produced a set of cat ornaments," he recalls, "I ad-libbed the line: 'Drop that golden pussy Robin - it may be radioactive.'"Certain critics feel that they can detect a certain element of camp in Batman. At one point, Ward describes how a fan called Karen left him a note which quoted Sir Francis Bacon's 1597 essay Of Friendship: "A principal fruit of friendship is the care and discharge of the swelling of the heart which passions of all kinds do cause and induce."Though he was initially attracted to Karen, Ward writes, "If Francis Bacon really wrote that, then either he was one of the horniest men of all time or out to lunch.

This may be because the story concerns a mature, powerfully-built man and a naïve teenage boy, who avoid relationships with the opposite sex, but spend long hours together, wearing tights, in a secret cave; they explain their excursions, which routinely involve bondage, by informing their elderly aunt that they are "out fishing". Her note," he continues, "was so kinky that I never got in touch with her. ""And he does, with no apparent irony, compare his penis to the Hindenburg.""I know," says West, looking increasingly agitated.

He was as famous as The Beatles - and had the groupies to prove it. In a rare interview, he talks about his superhero past and his real-life battle with demons As Batman in the original television series, West represented an icon whose fame rivalled that of James Bond and The Beatles.

But ever since the mid-1980s, by which time he'd retreated to a farm outside the remote town of Ketchum, Idaho (pop.

Burt Ward has mocked West for having drawn an analogy between his Batman and Charlton Heston's Moses in The Ten Commandments.

There are moments, as West discusses the more recent film versions of Batman, when he can sound like a man perturbed by blasphemous representations of that other defender of the oppressed, Jesus Christ.

"I made it to the Vatican, and I was at the back of this line of people who each knelt down to kiss his ring. In the first episode, Batman goes into a nightclub in the cowl, cape and bat gloves. ' he replies, 'No thank you - I'll stand at the bar. Unless they're aiming a 9mm handgun in my direction.

I would not wish to be conspicuous.'"In another episode, the dynamic duo meet fellow superheroes The Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato. Life is full of ironies and absurdities."That said, he is nothing if not protective of the character of Batman.

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She told him it was his birth that stopped her becoming another Joan Crawford."There is a curse running through our family," West's daughter Nina said recently. That's what she suffered from."His mother's disappointed ambition, West says, "meant I always felt guilt about what I achieved as an actor".("He is always thinking and analysing," the actor once said of Batman, "maybe at the expense of his * emotional health".) If he can be difficult - and he can - his behaviour, these days at least, has its origins in diffidence, not vanity.

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