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Pocius and Bartlett met in 2014 at a bar where she worked part-time: "We ended up having more things in common than we first thought, including a shared appreciation for kids' movies, yoga, sarcasm and love for the outdoors," she wrote on The The couple was engaged after just six months of dating.(Some of these cases are discussed here and here.)Yet, the statutory scheme for determining parentage makes it possible for more than two people to have so-called “presumed parent” status.If a woman is married to one person and impregnated by another who then establishes a relationship with the child, there may be two other people—as there were in this case—who are entitled to presumed parent status.However, he sought to establish a relationship with the child, but was thwarted at several turns by Melissa, who moved without providing contact information and did not maintain a phone line.For Irene, her claim of presumed parenthood was rooted in the statutory presumptions. C.’s birth, Irene was entitled to a presumption of parentage.

But even if the extremely unusual factual circumstances of this unfortunate case made it an appropriate action in which to take on such complex practical, political and social matters, we would not be free to do so. remanded the case for a determination as to whether Jesus or Irene had the stronger claim to parentage.

Kathleen Bartlett and Ryan Pocius were married less than one week when they hiked Mt. When they reached 12,400 feet, the couple were struck by lightning, injuring Pocius, 32, and killing Bartlett, 31, immediately.

The Denver Post reports Pocius could not get cell service to call for help and had to wait three hours with his dead wife before rescue helicopters were able to reach him.

They also plan to donate to causes Bartlett loved, including charities benefitting "nature, educating children with special needs, the elderly, and animals."Barlett's friends and family tell the Denver Channel that she was a passionate person who was so excited to be married to her new husband: "She just was so in love and so grateful and just so happy," one friend said. The pain he must be feeling, I can't even imagine."Another friend said that Bartlett was a wonderful friend and a "dedicated educator who touched many lives through her care for young children and her support of families.

We hope to honor her through the continued advocacy of young children."Pocius posted to Bartlett's Facebook wall last night, explaining that though their marriage was short, he is so grateful for the time he had with her.

While still pregnant, she filed the paperwork to dissolve her domestic partnership with Irene—as a domestic partnership status could then be unilaterally dissolved. Jesus did not know their whereabouts and had no contact with Melissa or the child.