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15-Dec-2019 18:58

My solution at least scales well...right the Bergi, it's a reasonable point...

I just consider properties (not methods) on a prototype chain to be weird and "smelly" (as in they are a code smell), and I prefer to filter them out by default.

Here’s the new signature for this class, which as I mentioned before, uses the “instanceof” operator: Please notice in the above class how the “instanceof” operator is included inside the “add HTMLElement()” method, in order to make sure that all the objects passed in are instances of the “HTMLElement” class, defined earlier.

Now, it’s possible to rebuild the web page you saw previously, in this case making sure that all the input objects pushed into the web page generator class are true (X)HTML widget objects.

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Here’s the signature for the page generator class: After running the above PHP code, what you obtain as a result is a simple web page that includes some of the (X)HTML objects created before.

Having illustrated the proper implementation of the “instanceof” operator within the web page generator class, there’s still one more thing to be done.