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23-Dec-2019 06:45

She's the first person I want to tell." "You don't get any 'cute time,'" Aubrey says of immediately shacking up.

He said he needed someone young to have sex with to keep up with his sex appetite.He would ask about my underwear and ask when we were meeting up.'Then he sent photos of himself and a video. He made my skin crawl.'Mr Webster has apologised for his actions which he described as being driven 'by a compulsive sexual addiction'.He added: 'However none of the ladies were married to men from any deployed or serving forces.'I am truly sorry for the hurt, harm, pain and shame I caused each of these ladies and my own wife who has been impacted by this old conduct.

'My conduct was driven by a compulsive sexual addiction, which I am now receiving treatment for by means of therapy and attending a 12 step group.'He also insisted he suffered from PTSD but said that came from being brought up in a 'dysfunctional childhood and broken home'.

Since then, SFOH has continued to run stalls and seek donations.